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Joining the transnational peace movement as a participant of an international friendship camp of the Red Cross / Red Crescent movement in 1995 I didn’t know the hopeful prevailing mood in the world back then would crash utterly six years later on 9/11.

Fear and distrust took over control.

Through my »Asta« triology (published at Berger 2011-2014) I found my individual way to cope artistically with the changed global circumstances. Scientifically I studied development (2005-2010) and life counseling (2002-2004), professionally I got involved in sex education and ESC consulting  and politically my answer is a) supporting parliamentarians who campaign credibly human rights and social peace (Efgani Dönmez 2013, Joe Weidenholzer 2015) and b) expertise concerning health and education for the Austrian government.

20 years of work for peace, I’m ready for more! There is not a better moment to stir peace than now while tensions are rising between USA/NATO and Russia/CSTO and failed states in Africa and the Middle East (and failed global crisis management) are leading to heavily conflict-laden flows of migration.

Who is joining me? Whom can I join? Get in touch, I’m looking forward to it!


Kunst für das Waldviertel gegen den Ausverkauf an die Windkraft-Industrie

Foto: Christian Freitag

Foto: Christian Freitag

Geruhsame Landschaften, voller Innovation und Fantasie.

Unverbaute Zukunft – wohin das Auge reicht.
Unendlich große Gegenwart,
Reich an Wald und reich an Leben.

Weit wird das Herz und still das geschäftige $treben.
Und keine Windkraft-Industrieanlagen,
Keine Türme, die rot die Nächte fluten.

Ja, so soll es bleiben,
So kann’s gescheh’n –
Neues wird durch die Träume weh’n.