Love kills Capitalism

Let’s start the new system, beyond capitalism. Let’s start it now. Power to the people.


We are living in strange days. We believe in happiness through financial health. We say somebody’s rich when s/he has a lot of money and material porperty. Property has more value than a smile, a hug or somebody’s life. We live in strange days indeed, days of victory of capitalism over communism. Transnational companies and banks took over control and gain more and more influence, worldwide. Democracy, human rights and freedom become hollow words, abused by leaders of governments, who became leaders thanks to companies and banks suporting them behind the scenes. Leaders, loyal to them, but to the people who elected them? Capitalism has killed love in the hearts of the people and their leaders, this system of greed and egoistic intensions destroys our planet ever since, now more than ever. The ‚time dragon‘ reigns even in our hearts on the edge of 2014 to 2015.

This is the…

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