LISTENING IS THE WIND OF CHANGE. Asta’s Christmas Message 2014.

Dear non-German spoken friends all around the world,

on 15th December my novel triology comes to an end. „Asta und das Licht der Welt“ (‚Asta and the Light of the World‘) is published at Verlag Berger, book presentation is on 20th and 21st December in Vienna and Langau.

As my triology is in German, but the main character Asta is eager to share her message also with you, I have as a little Christmas present for all of you the following lines in English:

10655276_695814837180997_6252429690468081670_oWe became invisible. My daughter and I. Invisible for the time dragon and its bounded beings, enslaved people and creatures. Sure, in the beginning it was a bit strange to live without clocks, watches, time displays, money and usual working contracts. But I re-arranged myself pretty fast and I felt a relief you will understand after you disconnected yourself from a chronical time schedule, capitalist working relationships and mass surveillance tools like facebook, google and apple.

I live now a life of a content, happy farm worker at the Czech/Austrian border. Of course the farmer has to register me and has to pay me a salary, every month I give her everything back and thank her and her family that i and Lena may live with them, that I can work for their fortune and I thank for the deep trust on both sides. I feel I can stay on that farm as long as i want and i know the farmer’s family will always support me and my dauther Lena. I told them right fromt the start that Lena won’t stay for as long as I and since three swans delivered a message from the Winter Forest on 21st December 2013. I know Lena will leave me an the farm in Dallein sooner than hoped. Lena will leave me and Mother Earth to unify with Baba Yagà and Marina.

They will become a new reflection of the enternally old entity Kolyadà.

85a2f90330That won’t stop the misery on Earth and wont’t free the three princesses from their exile, but it will heal the wound in the Land of Seasons Alyosha and I caused when creating Lena on that holy night in 2009… Meanwhile I realized that Mother Earth can be saved when I/we do not become heroes. We do not have to fight the dragon and its system. We just have to leave them alone, with a smile on our faces and light in our hearts.We do not havt to hate the ones captured within the dragon’s time zone. We have to respect them an we have to go our own way.

Since I got back from Salini’s canyon in 2013 I persue such an individual way. My own special way brought me back to the place of my birth, to Langau and its surroundings. Here I got to know the farmer I live with and here I teach my child Lena what she has to know before she leaves me with destination Land of Seasons. My dear dear Lena … she learns Old Slavic, Old Russian, modern Russian of course and English, German and (it is more important than ever) Arabic and a little bit of Chinese. I take her to the nature around Dallein, also into the National Park Thayatal/Podyjí and I teach her everything a postmodern witch of the (no-)time beyond 2012 has to know.

We laugh a lot, we sing a lot, I breath life as much as possible and share my most intimate moments with a young musician of a band inspired by medieval motives. We travel a lot on both sides of the „border“ … not only between man-made up borders like national and sexual borders, but also between the world we can see/hear/touch/smell/taste and the worlds we can flehmen. I love my drag-free life and smile at the time dragon’s new projects in my direct neighbourhood. 200 meters high windmill-powered plants shall be constructed in forests nearby. In forests! Protecting nature via destruction of forests? The soul of the last unicorn would leav both, the charming, silent light of the whole region would be blown out. That won’t happen , because the time of the dragon has passed:

Time itself has died today, so I just have to inspire the people around me to unfold their creativity and positive forces to give birth to alternatives. It fills me with joy how many alternative pop up in their minds and in their e-mails to the people still enchanted by the spells of the dragon and its magicians. Ego is a big factor in the game – money is just a means of transport, not the cause. Everybody of us has such destructive projects of the time dragon in her/his surroundings. The more we become aware, the more we realize, the more we can cope appropriately with those life-taking projects and actors within the game called capitalism.

8c98dddb95Which projects of the dragon take place at your flat, your home, your place, your daily life?

Tell Asta about them and how you cope/deal with them. She told us a lot of my own personal story and you were listening – now it is time that Asta and I are listening. Listening is the wind of change, the key to development, the bridge to an unkown, undiscovered country. A country beyond Mother Earth and the Land of Seasons, here and now, now and here. Yeah, it is time to listen for Asta and I will listen carefully, starting from now on.

Here I am, now it’s up to you.

I listen. Mario Lackner, author of the Asta triology (Verlag Berger 2011-2014), co-author of „Conchita Wurst – backstage“ (edition innsalz 2014).


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